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  This series of courses are designed to build your CAD and blueprint reading skills.

This course may be offered for credit through COL Caņon Online Academy in the future.

Contact the director at  COA E-mail Contact Form  then High Schools Choice

Course assignments and skill development are done in the order listed below by subject:

CAD - Mechanical Drawing and Print Reading  (Basic Training, 1 Semester Course - .5credit).

CAD - Architectural Drawing and Print Reading (Basic Training, 1 Semester Course -.5credit--- Prerequisite  of success in Mechanical).

CAD -  Introduction to Mapping  (Basic Training, 1 Semester Course - .5credit---Prerequisite  of success in course listed above).
Warm-up activities done on Mondays and Thursdays general use for all courses...

CAD - "Individual and Service Projects"  Quarter Course of study by arrangement with the instructor after completing the first year of courses, .5 to 2 credits available.  You must have a 3.2 or above GPA to apply for a project also ---Prerequisite  of success in course listed above)..

These projects are arranged by e-mail and personal interview with your instructor.  

Starting Your CAD Career  Your Resume & Portfolio 

(can be done after each course is complete)

(1 Semester Course - .5 credit Course credit is available by arrangement with your instructor.)

Special Research Links

AutoCad Basics

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