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Developing Your Electronic Portfolio

This page is dedicated to helping you develop an impressive electronic portfolio and  resume which can be e-mailed or sent to others on CD or DVD.  This may be for getting advanced placement in a technical school or college, doing an on line job search and resumes or as follow up to your job interviews.

More information - watch the video about how to install cutePDF Writer and using the special printing utility.  Your PDF Writer may already be installed, however;  You still need to watch all the video to understand the steps in making your electronic portfolio.


   Then you will know how to start on your own electronic portfolio.


Warm-up reminder


Example resume of a student who has no job experience and is looking for their first CAD position.

Example resume of a student who has finished the class and done college work and had some part time CAD work.                   

Software is provided for this course through Cañon City High School Instructor,  Mr. Geesaman

TTo work at home you will need special software and permission.

Contact  Mr. Geesaman


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