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The Canon City Chapter of the American Design Drafting Association

Design Drafting II GeNERAL Overview

Concise Course Outline


 I. Review of Basic Computer Skills:

   A. Warm up drawings & ADDA items

   B.  CAD version updates

      C.  Macro development

D.  Develop electronic portfolio

E.  Lab Updates

F.  New cad skill development

G.  Rhinoceros 3D Software


  II.  Desk Top Publishing:

      A.  Graphic Software Commands

 B.  Advertising Layouts

 C.  Graphic and Font Use


 III.  Electronic and Electrical Unit:

         A.  Electronic Symbols

B.  Electrical Symbols

C.  Power Supplies

D.  Schematic Line Standards


  IV.  Electrical Schematic Drawing:

       A.  Software Drawing Tools

       B.  Dimensioning Tools

       C.  Symbol Development

       D.  Line analysis

       E.  Symbol Attributes

       F.  Grid Standards


   V.  Concrete Structures:

       A.  Site Plans

       B.  Rebar Symbols

       C.  Offset placement

       D.  Concrete Symbols

  E.   Conventions

  F.  Rebar in sections

       G.  Shading

       H.  Terms Test


  VI.  Symbol Development:


       A. National CAD Layer Standards

       B.  Symbol Elements

 C.  Grouping Effects


 VIII.  Cartography:


       A.  Rectangle Survey System

       B.  Metes & Bounds System

       C.  Topography

  D.    ILC - Improvement of Land Certificates

  E.     Civil Maps


IX.  GIS - Geographic Information Systems:


A.     Boundary Types

B.     Elevation Concepts

C.     Geology Basics

D.     Hydrography

E.      Land Use

F.      Othoimagery


  VII.  Architectural HOBIED Project Design

See: details below...

First Complete Architectural Proposal including:

A.     Floor Plan

B.     Principal Elevations

C.     Kitchen Details

D.     Electrical Plan

E.      Bath Room Elevations

F.      3D of Selected Rooms


Houses designed and built by the students:

Click on the pictures below to see the enlarged detail view.  Organized from 1975 to present...

1975.jpg (601749 bytes)1976.jpg (671281 bytes)1977.jpg (875785 bytes)

Class of 1975

Class of 1976

Class of 1977

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Class of 1978

Class of 1979

Class of 1980

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Class of 1981

Class of 1982

Class of 1983

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Class of 1984

Class of 1985

Class of 1986

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Class of 1987

Class of 1988

Class of 1989

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Class of 1990

Class of 1991

Class of 1992

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Class of 1993

Class of 1994

Class of 1995

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Class of 1996

Class of 1997

Class of 1998

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Class of 1999

Class of 2000

Class of 2001

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