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2014 Splash

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2014 Splash Summer  Class:

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Find Door Number 23 for Access to the classroom in the summer and other special work sessions

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Photo-Matching Lesson Examples:

Mr. Creany


Mr. Andrews


Miss French

Mr. Peterson

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Example of the first day lessons with Corel Design Software...

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Banner Examples (Day Two Lesson):














































2014 SPLASh! Computer Aid Design Class

Thank you for being very good students in our SPLASh! Computer Aid Design Class,

 Mr. G.

   It was fun teaching you about CAD.

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Summer Lesson Number 1  ( Review )

older Drawing - Learning Google Sketch-up 3-D modeling - Work sheets and template links underlined below:                                               


Holder Drawing Instructional Video           PDF Worksheet   (Print it out)


Your finished and dimensioned drawing will be e-mailed to

I estimate it take one hour total to complete the drawing and e-mail it.

Summ Lesson Number 2 

Contest Coming Soon - Earning a Sonic Card Award for your drawing!

Details about the building will be listed here after the above review drawing is complete.

Estimating a July 24th start...


Summer Lesson Number 3 

Coming Soon - earning a Sonic Card Award for your drawing! 

Historic Buildings in Cañon City

Estimating a August 1st. start.


  For Sophomores at CCHS

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