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The Canon City Chapter of the American Design Drafting Association

ACAD Lessons @ Black Hills

AutoCAD Basics - Lesson 1        No worksheets needed.

AutoCAD Basics - Lesson 2       PDF:    BHE worksheet

AutoCAD Basics - Lesson 3       PDFs:  drawingproduct info,    Help:  Changing layers of lines     Setting-Dimensions-Up   Drawing Fillets

AutoCAD Basics - Lesson 4       PDFs: Standard Pole

AutoCAD Basics - Lesson 5       Homework!  Don't have a home computer?   Then skip to Lesson 6 below              Support PDF:  CHAIR

AutoCAD Basics - Lesson 6       PDFs: Standard  Components    Worksheet Insulator   Detailed Pictures: download

(zip files must be expanded after downloading)

AutoCad Basics- Lesson 7        PDF  Worksheet for Lesson 7    Another drawing for our symbol library we are building toward.

AutoCad Basics- Lesson 8        Pictures of the 14" Bolt Assembly in PDF

AutoCad Basics- Lesson 9        PDF of Sketch

AutoCad Basics- Lesson 10-11  The CAD Palette     Standard Pole worksheet for printing  (Craig Cutter - Example)

AutoCad Basics- Lesson 12         Developing A Basic Block Library  (Under Development, this will not be a course requirement)

Standards Drawings - Lesson 13  (Craig Cutter - Example)  Setting Standards Drawings with AutoCAD

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